The Be Kind Be Cause, Space 106, Philadelphia, PA, USA, April, 2005

This was my very first solo exhibition, curated by Liz Rywelski and Jess Olanday. I proposed this show to the Space 1026 collective with a handmade, one-off zine. During the show I set up a table and interviewed participants to be drawn into a comic book. The premise was to draw their favorite animal, and incorporate a personal story about what kindness meant to them. This comic also included KRS-ONE whom I met at a spoken word event. The exhibit was followed by Paper Rad’s memorable Mix Tape Club House exhibit. I met an incredible amount of inspiring artists during my five week stay in Philadelphia, including Brian Chippendale and Tom Lessner in the photo below. The installation was originally produced with a Canada Council For The Arts grant, and displayed for “The Be Cause” group show in Victoria, B.C, Canada, 2004 ,curated by myself and Harley Smart.