“Parade of Play” mural at Bowker Creek/ Oak Bay High track. The largest canvas I’ve worked on, 60 characters, 6000 sqft wall, 20 days, just me and a lift. All freehand and freestyle based on a concept derived from local input. Each day new characters appeared with no idea what the next day will bring. It’s a dream gig to play in the moment like this. This mural is meant to be seen in person while circuiting the track to see something new each time. A parade of characters make music with athletic movement. The diverse personalities come together as a whole, individuals creating community with a shared direction. This project has been made possible with the support of the estate of Maria and Paul Sarvari, Capital Regional District Arts Development, Oak Bay Community Artists Society, The District of Oak Bay, Oak Bay High, Precision Pro Painters for the wall prep, and paint sponsored by Dulux Paints Victoria. Much thanks to all the track regulars for cheering me on. Met a diverse mix of wonderful people and students in the community who enjoy this track and beautiful area.