Mother Protector – Hawk and Home

Created by Luke Ramsey with Jill Stanton and Kristofer Ray who painted the inside walls

Exterior latex on concrete with exposed sections from previous paint-overs
, September 2017

Murals have the extraordinary ability to transform blank walls into community canvases. Mother Protector – Hawk and Home is one of four murals created by Luke Ramsey in collaboration with guest artists to enhance a Victoria park and reduce graffiti vandalism. In his role as the City of Victoria Artist in Residence, Ramsey is tasked with ‘keeping art in mind’ and works with staff and the community to develop creative artworks to improve City infrastructure. Each mural in this series has its own theme which reflects the park’s attributes. The other three murals are located at Gonzales, Hollywood and Vic West Parks.

The mural depicts a hawk with one wing open, welcoming guests to a safe haven; the other wing is closed for protection from the elements. A section of a previous wall reveals “accidental art” made by nature and time. Another section has a stenciled red dress to commemorate missing and murdered Indigenous women. On the inside wing, organic innards are depicted on the stairwell. Graffiti on the path wall represents the balance between nature and the city’s vibe.