Turf Gallery in Montreal, QC, Canada

Jungle Red Toy Shop in Taipei, Taiwan

The Vera Project in a show with Kinoko and Parskid, Seattle, WA, USA

the hood of my friend Jen’s car, Victoria, B.C, Canada

The Trackside Gallery wall ( R.I.P) in Victoria

the Butcher Shop Floor Gallery,Vancouver, B.C

the Fireside Bakery in Victoria

mural with Zane Kozak, Vancouver


The Be Cause, Sunset Room, Victoria

with Ty Danylchuk in Sooke, BC

mural with Andrew Dick in Victoria

From 2003-2007 a hare character was prominent in my work. He was inspired from the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare.” The full scope of the hare’s story was documented into a comic book published by Anteism. Chapters of Finding Joy were originally published monthly in Discorder Magazine.

Finding Joy Comic