Video introduction about an online drawing program I’ve been hosting for past two years. Thanks to Powell River Public Library and Sonia Zagwyn for initiating it. With the support of a Pivot Grant from the BC Arts Council, I am focusing more on this program and want to expand it to more youth around the province, ages 8-12.

Sessions are scheduled for 45min and sometimes go to 60mins. Minimum of 5 participants per session, up to 10 encouraged and flexible on participant attendance. Larger school classroom settings are welcome too. Teachers, youth educators, parents and guardians please contact me if interested. Looking to set-up Zoom dates this fall 2021. $50 a session for small groups, $100 for large classrooms. One-off sessions or continuing sessions are an option. If funding support is not available, youth will not be denied this program because of lack of funds. My availability and schedule would be the only reason not to be able to offer session.

Interested parties would gather their group. I would send a link for individual participants to access scheduled session. Siblings, family, friends, care aides and pets are welcome to attend sessions, although the drawing activity is for the age group of youth participating. Thanks!