Collaboration tour Europe- London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Helsinki. Pen to Paper exhibit and guest speaker at Pictoplasma conference in Berlin.

Collaboration-Copenhagen-LukeRamsey-6 Collaboration-Copenhagen-MichaelRitz Collaboration-Copenhagen-SuneEhlers-4 Collaboration-Copenhagen-LukeRamsey-5 Collaboration-Copenhagen-LukeRamsey-3

Sune Ehlers, Anders Arhoj, Michael Rytz and Luke Ramsey, Butchers Lab Fitness Center, Copenhagen, Denmark


LukeRamsey-Berlin-Pictoplasma-Drawing Lars-Peter-Pictoplasma LukeRamsey-Pictoplasma-Berlin-Talk Tristan-Luke

I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin, Babylon Theatre, April 9-10th, 2010. I spoke for an hour about character development, collaboration, Island Fold, the intent of my drawings. Lars and Peter of Pictoplasma were great hosts. During my talk I offered a big drawing as a prize (pictured on the podium.) The winner was whomever got hit by a paper airplane that was thrown from the balcony. Artist Ville Savimaa was the winner. I visited him in Helsinki 2 weeks later.

Collaboration-LukeRamsey-EKTA-Goteborg-Sweden-3 Collaboration-LukeRamsey-EKTA-Goteborg-Sweden Collaboration-LukeRamsey-EKTA-Goteborg-Sweden-2

EKTA and Luke Ramsey collaboration, Gothenburg, Sweden April 19th


Jon Boam collaborating, London, UK


Maxwell Paternoster collaborating, London, UK


drawing at TATE Modern, London, UK


Chris Johanson exhibit at Nicolai Wallner Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


Miss Lotion collaborating, Copenhagen, Denmark


Tove Jansson Museum, Helsinki, Finland

LukeRamsey-London-Drawing-6Berlin-LukeRamsey-Drawing-2UK-HouseLukeRamsey-Berlin-Drawing-5LukeBest-JimStotenLuke Best and Jim Stoten, London,UKUK-house-lanenanCopenhangenLaura-LukeBest

Laura and Luke Best, London, UK