Blu Dot / ONEXONE chair auction- 2013 Interior Design Show in Toronto
I wouldn’t typically design art for bums to sit on, or identify with National Bank supported interior design shows, but this auction was for a good cause. The ONEXONE foundation helps improve the lives of children who need food, water, education and play. I do wonder about celebrity endorsed charities with regards to administration costs, tax breaks and marketing consumable goods, but regardless of whether the goals are met to end child poverty, I do see the relevance of awareness. I love looking at pretty images, fashion, art, tv, movies etc. I do however feel it’s important to not ignore the reality of child suffering. I know we all want to have a laugh and enjoy our lives and not think about the “issues.” I understand we all have struggles, but if our needs are met with love, comfort, food, water and shelter- we can take a moment to question material wants and the intention of how one makes a living- how one lives.At a young age we’re taught games- there’s winners and losers. The winners are supposed to be gracious and the the losers are supposed to be good sports. Hmmm, hard to be a good sport when you’re always losing. I believe in healthy competition- it aides innovation, but I feel that it’s unhealthy to try and get ahead of ” the game.” For this game has more losers than winners, and the winners are far from gracious. Who invented this game anyway? Aliens, cavemen or robed men in the Vatican? Who knows, but it seems pretty rigged to me- using manufactured debt to write the rule book. What does this all mean? Research the connections to the politics, people and products we support. We’re all in this thing together- spiritual or not. It’s a new world, because we have neighbors we didn’t know about. Community is now dot com- Unity is on.