collaborative banners with Shoreline School students

collaboration with Ali Kahn


Collaboration with Jesse Campbell, Kay Gallivan, Ian George, Sarah Jim, Ali Kahn, James Kirkpatrick, Kristofer Ray, Tyler Keeton Robbins, Sam Sharp, and Charlie Walker

hired Jill Stanton to paint this inside wall

hired Kristofer Ray to paint this inside wall

collaboration with Andrew Dick

collaboration with Jill Stanton

collaboration with Meghan Hildebrand

drone video by Joseph Bronson:

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Quotes :

“Luke has done an amazing job of bridging what was seen at times as two solitudes, we have the bureaucracy of City Hall and the perhaps natural rebelliousness of the artistic community, and Luke has found an amazing way to bring these together with his collaborative approach.”

-Chris Coleman, City of Victoria Councilor

“The City of Victoria’s first artist in residence is Luke Ramsey. This painter has been at work for most of a year and I made a point of visiting what he has done on the walkway that leads down to the beach at the foot of Cook Street. I was mightily impressed. Public art is hard to get right, and Ramsey has really added something creative and engaging to the sidewalks and stairs there. As it unfolds, his imaginative design relates beautifully to the beach scene and the shapes of the concrete. It even honours the scruffy paint and graffiti that was there when he arrived. I vote that the city ask Ramsey to stay on for another term.”

-Robert Amos, Times Colonist Oct 8th 2017

“The citizens thank you for making Victoria more interesting and more beautiful. Your initiatives as Artist in Residence are an example of how this position can create honest value.”

-Llyod Chesley, owner of Legends Comics

“This is one of the coolest murals and collaborations I’ve ever seen. Amazing in every way!”

-Kirsten McCrea, visual artist

“Thanks for making public spaces beautiful, whilst inspiring the young artists of tomorrow!”

-Thomas Abbey, local resident

“Amazing to see this public art come to life in this important public space. Love the process too. And thanks to the neighbour who brought the artists strawberries!

-Lisa Helps, City of Victoria Mayor

“That’s beautiful! I love public art. Especially something like this that takes the location into account. Well done.”

-Carol Mariash, local resident

“This has ‘feel good’ written all over it! Love it!”

-Andrea Swallow, local resident

” Great perspective! Such an honor having your energy in Victoria”

-Ian George, local visual artist

“This is incredible! great job man, I always thought that staircase deserved a good paint job”

-Aaron Geeraert, visual artist

 “Beautiful! Thank you for making our city better!”

-Wendy Welch, Vancouver Islands School of Art Director

“Luke and Jill were a joy to watch as their art slowly evolved and came to frution by the Vic West Dog Park. Bala and I are so touched to see her on the wall.”

-Dione, local resident

“Finally some decent new public art in the city! More than decent! Spectacular! Thanks you!

-Pamela Bosman, local resident

“That’s beautiful. Paint the whole city please!”

-Ian Hor, local resident

-“So awesome for our community! Thank you!”

-Michelle Heslop, local visual artist

“I just wanted to let you know how much impact you and your work are having on the City.  You are inspiring for all involved and I am thrilled that we get to have more of your brilliance on to the end of 2018.”

-Jocelyn Jenkyns, Acting City Manager

“I’ve been coming here for years with my dogs, it’s my favorite place to come, and one of the things that used to upset me, was all of the graffiti that was on the wall back there, and so I am absolutely delighted that something creative, and colorful and beautiful enhances my walk”

– Penny Goldrick, Oak Bay News, Sept 7th 2017

“Victoria artist-in-residence gives colourful facelift to beachside eyesore”

-Times Colonist , Sept 13th 2017

“Collaborating with Ramsey on the City of Victoria’s mural project is another communicative and community-centred opportunity, Murals give a sense of community. People are working together and that’s a good feeling. “

-Andrew Dick, local artist

“Our family lives in Fairfield, close to Gonzales Beach and Hollywood Park. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we absolutely LOVE your work and the wonderful and inspiring impact it’s having on the public spaces around us. Many thanks for what you’re doing – hope to see much more of it around town!”

-Johan Bosman, local resident

“You’re setting a really high bar for future Artists in Residence!”

-Jeremy Loveday, City of Victoria Councilor


Kept art in mind at various meetings with:

James Bay Neighbourhood Association ( Charrette for Doulas Street expansion ), Atomique Productions ( First Night ), Sustainable Planning and Community Development Department ( Housing Policy, Place making, Ship Point, North Park Crosswalk ), Parks Department ( skate park, washrooms ), Engineering & Public Works ( recycling container design ), City Works Department ( graffiti, carpentry ), Victoria Police Department, DVBA, Victoria Bi-Law Department ( graffiti and free walls ),  Recreation and Culture ( Create Victoria ), Citizen Engagement ( media, City Vibe ) City Projects: street banners, hoarding/fencing design, 4 murals in local parks, one in North Park neighbourhood, Johnson Street Bridge Public art proposal working with City staff and landscape designers )

Innovative Art:

First Night projection mapping working with City, Atomique and Arya Hawker, Virtual Reality Engagement with public

Community Funding to local artists $18,500:

Andrew Dick, Jill Stanton, Meghan Hildebrand, Kristofer Ray, James Kirkpatrick, Tyler Keeton Robins, Ian George, Kay Gallivam, Charlie Walker, Mohammedh Ali Khan, Sarah Jim, Jesse Campbell, Sam Sharpe, Denny Goertz,

Worked with Community Partners:

Songhees and Esquimalt Nations, Shoreline School, Women In Need Society, North Park Neighbourhood Association, Logans

Supported Local Business:

Deva Daru Yoga, Dulux Paints, Pacific Coast Power Washing Ltd, Goodbye Graffiti, Victoria VR, Opus Art, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Castle

Beautified City infrastructure and neighbourhoods:

3 Parks Washrooms murals, Spiral staircase turret mural, North Park mural

Local Engagement:

City Hall drawing jam, invited Vic High students for talk at North Park mural, woman brought us strawberries at Gonzaels mural, painted local dogs at Vic West mural, was invited as guest judge for Victorious Voices poetry slam, baseball coach was excited to see themed mural near baseball diamond at Hollywood Park, students at Shoreline were proud to see art on banners and invited me to school potluck, worked with Mohammedh Ali Kahn, a former homeless artist who resides at Anawim House, invited him to Create Victoria event to talk about the need for art therapy and invited him as artist for mural


two interviews with CBC, interview with Times Colonist, three interviews with CFAX, three interviews with Victoria News, four interviews with CHEK 6, four interviews with CTV, article with Focus Magazine, Rifflandia Magazine, Essential Magazine, Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group, and Megaphone Magazine